Friday, August 7, 2009


So we thought we would post a few pictures of what we do on Friday.... our Sabbath day.  Because Friday is a holiday in Islam the Middle East has their weekends on Friday and Saturday and so Sunday is a normal work/school day.  So we go to church on Friday.  We’ve been part of the Amman branch for the summer, which consists of mostly expatriates working for government agencies and other companies, a number of Arab Christians, and for the summer half of the branch was BYU students.  There is also a branch up North in Irbid which is made up mostly of Arabs.  We went up there for a weekend to visit two weeks ago and had a great time.  It’s been such a blessing to have the church as a place of refuge and to feel the spirit of the members here. 

P.S. We leave for Israel/Palestine in two days!

Andrew with our favorite old Arab member, Solomon (Sue-lay-mon)

Chana was asked to work with the Young Women this summer.  They LOVE her and are really sad she has to leave.

We love this Sri Lankan family.  There is also a father and two daughters in Young Womens with Chana.  

Andrew and Stevey (named after Stevey Wonder) playing at his house. 

Chana and Stephanie

This is a lady we stayed with overnight in Irbid when we went to church up North.  She's not a member of the church but lets the students stay at her house 

The church in Irbid


  1. Chana friend you're so cute. You're coming home soon!!

  2. chana now that I am home I'm so going to catch up on all you have been doing abroad. So different. So great. Love ya~