Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Our time here in Virginia is going by so fast. We can't believe it has already been one month. There are definitely good things about this place and definitely things we miss about our Provo home. Here's a little photo update of what we've been up to the past month...

Our first month here started out with a visit from my MOM. It was so fun to have her here. She and I (Chana) spent our days scouring fairfax county for thrift/antiques stores. We had great success! She was a gem to have around. She helped me hang curtains, make pillows, and paint end tables, just to mention a few things.

One of our favorite second hand/antique stores
(Ok, so I stole this picture off the internet; we went in August not December)

The month continued with our SECOND ANNIVERSARY. Andrew and I celebrated by going out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the wharf in Old Town Alexandria. We ate outside and it was amazing. The view of the Potomac River was breath taking, the company was perfect and the clam chowder was to die for.

Andrew and part of our view of the Potomac

Our restaurant
(We ate right under the blue umbrellas)

Andrew and me on the wharf

Next came our SECOND set of visitors. April, Trevor and Douglas. (April and I went to France together. Trevor is her husband, and Doug is her little brother. I actually knew Doug way before I knew and loved April. Doug is best friends with the little brother of one of my best friends (Carli) so we got to know each other very well with all the time I spent at her house during college.) The three of them came for a rally in DC and we were so excited to have them stay at our little apartment. April and Trevor slept on our blow up mattress and Doug... he slept on the floor with our couch cushions. It was a tight squeeze but oh so fun. We spent hours talking, laughing and touring museums.

Group Picture at 4:00 am

Our month here came to end with a THIRD set of visitors. Our favorite little family came to see us. Eric, Rachel and Lucy. Eric is getting his MBA at Duke in Durham, North Carolina, which means they are only four hours away and we are very excited to have more of these weekends. Andrew's mom came along with them, which made it even more exciting. We had a great weekend. Our one bedroom apartment was very crowded, but it was so fun. We spent the weekend going to DC monuments, going to museums, eating delicious food, swimming, and baking amazing peanut butter cupcakes.

The girls in front of the Capitol

The White House at dusk

Taking a break from walking at the Washington Monument

We felt right at home amongst all the BLUE and ORANGE in DC
(the BSU/Virginia Tech game was that weekend and there were fans everywhere we looked)

Andrew and I at the Mall

(she was such a good little mama)

Despite the distraction of all our visitors, Andrew has been very disciplined at his school work this past month. He comes home every night with very tired eyes from reading all day long. We are finally filling settled in to our new adventure in Virginia... now if we could only find me a job.

p.s. Visitors are always welcome. We have a very comfortable blow up mattress and a couch.


  1. Oh Chana we miss you guys!!! So glad though that you're enjoying your time in Virginia. I hope you find a job soon!!

  2. Chana,
    I miss you so much! Life at Harmony Square is just a little less bright now. I am so glad you are having fun. I love DC. Next time we make our way back there (who knows when that will be) we will for sure stop by!

  3. Thank you for blogging :) I am so happy to see all the great pic's! And I am totally jealous of the darlin' secondhand store...You look great, hope all is well...Miss ya girl~

  4. We have family right by the Lucketts store! That is our hometown/ county! Hope your loving VA as much as we do! Let us know if you need any other hot antique hot spots, resturants, or fun things to do!

  5. Chana!! Miss you girl! :)
    You need to blog so we can see what you have been up to!
    Hope everything is going well!
    xoxo Jen

  6. Chana! I miss you. Hope you're doing well. :)